Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction – is a sexual disorder, which is often experienced by men all over the world. According to statistics, practically every man over 20 years old observed the signs of erectile dysfunction related to insufficient hardness of the penis in the excited state.

For this reason, a full sexual intercourse becomes impossible. However, it makes sense to talk about erectile dysfunction if the qualitative erection is not achieved in more than 25% of coition.

The majority of men regard erectile dysfunction as an indication of their impotency. Therefore, this kind of disease causes serious psychological problems. But it should be kept in mind that the disorder shows only a decrease in overall health condition, but not the lack of ability to father a child.

Types of erectile dysfunction

Depending on the causes and approaches to the treatment of the disease, erectile dysfunction can be divided into the following types:

Psychological (or psychogenic) – is usually unexpected. The main reasons for its occurrence are stress, overpressure or complex relationship between the partners. The morning erection of the penis and the ability to stay hard during the coition remain.

Organic – begins to emerge gradually, weakening of erection is increasing. This indicates the presence of concurrent conditions requiring treatment. Receiving drugs affecting the potency can also cause the appearance of organic nature problems. Nocturnal erections are lost, there is a sudden loss of penis rigidity, but the libido and ejaculation remain.


In 20% of cases erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological factors, and in 80% of cases is an indication of serious diseases (ex. hypertension or diabetes). Therefore it’s essential not to postpone a visit to the doctor for immediate medical attention in case you find changes in the state of erection.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

There are many causes, but the most common are the following

Endocrine causes are in violation of testosterone – the male sex hormone. This may be due to infections, tumors, genetic defects. Such diseases can be treated by hormonal preparations (tablets, gels) that generally lead to the restoration of an erection.

Pharmacological reasons are due to the drugs that reduce the production of sex hormones. These include medicines that suppress the central nervous system, as well as alcohol and other drugs.

Neurological reasons are related to diseases of the peripheral nerves or to various diseases of brain and spinal cord. This could include damage of the brain and spinal cord, the perineum and the pelvic organs, the cerebral circulation.

Psychological causes are the result of long-term depression, stress, neurosis, significant disagreements with a partner or differences in sexual habits and preferences. The ordinary fatigue, fear of a fiasco in bed or having sex with a new partner could affect the male potency.

Among other reasons, there are penis injuries and problems with blood vessels. The prolonged erection beginning or very weak rigidity of the penis could be the signs of violation of blood flow through the arteries. The rapid erection beginning, as well as its rapid disappearance not allowing to complete coition are the signs of violation of venous block. It is the result of inflammation of the inner lining of blood vessels that is inherent in heavy smokers or people with autoimmune diseases. Another cause is poor circulation in the vessels of the penis, called Penial vasoconstriction.

In rare cases the cause of erectile dysfunction is the anatomical changes of the penis that is the presence of pathology in the structure of the urethral orifice.

The mechanism of erection

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

There are several types of erectile dysfunction symptoms: disorders associated with a weakening of sexual desire (libido); erectile, ejaculation, orgasm dysfunction (anorgasmia).

Most common symptom is disorder of libido, which is directly related to fatigue, exhaustion, stress and feeling sick. Lack of physical intimacy desire is due to the rift in the relationship between partners or because of hormonal disorders (decreased testosterone).

Weak, defective erection can occur on the background of vascular diseases, and the absence or partial violation of ejaculation is the evidence of psychological problems. It is rare to face a violation of orgasm among men, which is called anorgasmia. This orgasm can be fleeting or completely absent. This symptom is related to psychological disorders.

Erectile dysfunction treatment

Depending on the causes the erectile dysfunction is treated differently. Patients with endocrine disorders are prescribed hormonal drugs (gels or tablets). In case of medicament violations a doctor looks for medicines that do not affect the potency. Neurological reasons are eliminated by treating the underlying disease. Psychological reasons need some finesse. In this case, the patient needs to consult and talk to a therapist or psychologist, take a rest and create a favorable atmosphere between the partners. To resolve anatomical changes of the penis, which adversely affect the erection the surgical intervention is required.